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All day, errday


Martha Rich - Kiss Ass (Hell Yes) (2007)
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Juergen Teller
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Gorgeous Iris Apfel by Jeff Bark for Dazed & Confused. She’s ideal.
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Shirley MacLaine
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Que fácil callar, ser serena y objetiva con los seres que no me interesan verdaderamente, a cuyo amor o amistad no aspiro. Soy entonces calma, cautelosa, perfecta dueña de mi misma. Pero con los poquísimos seres que me interesan… Allí esta la cuestión absurda: soy una convulsión. De allí proviene mi imposibilidad absoluta para sustentar mi amistad con alguien mediante una comunicación profunda y armoniosa. Tanto me doy, me fatigo, me arrastro y me desgasto que no veo instante de liberarme de esa prisión tan querida. Y si no llega mi propio cansancio, llega el del otro, hastiado ya de tanta exaltación y presunta genialidad, y se va en busca de alguien que sea como soy yo con la gente que no me interesa.

— Alejandra Pizarnik 


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Coros por Luis Aguilar de Celofan y Gabriel Marher de Jardin.
Grabada por Lou Ros.

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Lovely Life
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René Magritte, works from the Période vache (1947-1948)

Regarding both their motifs and their style, the works of Magritte’s Période vache do not constitute a consistent ensemble but rather present themselves as a patchwork of different pseudo-styles borrowing more or less openly from other artists and drawing on the artist’s own earlier works. These elements are transformed into something comic, trivial, or grotesque by being blended with aspects of popular visual culture. With numerous art historical references Magritte ridicules traditional cultural values and aesthetic norms and distances himself from an art scene lusting for innovation. Contrary to his “classical” works, their cool, precise and realistic approach, and the conceptual consideration behind them, the works of Magritte’s Période vache strike us as colorful, two-dimensional, quickly painted, and radiating an astounding directness and spontaneity.

With his manifesto-like protest against all varieties of arrogance and reprimands in the arts, Magritte has become a model for the artist’s triumph over the workings of an art scene that seem to be more overpowering today than they ever were. (via)

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